Master of Advanced Study Philosophy

Master of Advanced Study Philosophy

Credits: 60

Duration: 1 year (can be spread out)

Entry requirements: Master's Degree or PhD in another field

Qualification obtained: Domuni University degree

The Master of Advanced Studies in Philosophy is aimed at students who already hold a Master’s degree or a PhD and wish to acquire in-depth skills in Philosophy.

This programme leads to a Master of Advanced Studies worth 60 ECTS. This certificate would not, however, grant access to the Doctoral School of Philosophy.



 The advanced masters have several objectives as follows:


  • To deepen one’s knowledge of a specific domain
  • To acquire complementary skills
  • Interdisciplinary dialogue
  • To complete original research 



 The programme is structured as follows:


  • An educational aspect with specialised courses as well as online interactive seminars
  • A Research aspect with a master thesis, which is supervised by a research director


Courses / 4 courses: 24 ECTS (to be chosen from the list of courses on the MA2 page)

Seminars/ 1 online seminar: 6 ECTS

Research/ 1 master thesis: 30 ECTS


List of Courses