Indian Philosophy Unit II

Indian Philosophy Unit II

What is expected from the students in this Unit is that they must be able to point out the importance of Vedas in Indian Philosophy, the classification of Vedic literature and must have a proper understanding of the Samhitās, Brāhmaṇas and Āraṇyakas. However, the Upaniśads will be dealt separately. Further, one must be acquainted with a few other important teachings of Veda such as Vedic religion, how monism developed from polytheism, and a basic understanding of what ṛta, the law of karma, the theory of creation, the institution of yajñaāśramas and varṇa is.

Course code: PH0004

Professor: Dr. Rajen Lakra

table of contents


1.     Objectives

2.     Introduction

3.     Classification of the Vedic Literature

4.     Vedic Religion

5.     Ṛta

6.     Concept of Karma

7.     Theories of Creation

8.     The Institution of Yajña or Sacrifice

9.     The Concept of Ṛṇa or Debt

10. The Concept of Āśramas

11. Varṇa or Caste System