Being and Knowing

Being and Knowing

Essential Questions of Philosophy in this very complete course about Being and Knowing.

Course code: PH0008

Professor: Dr. Bernard Matolino

Table of contents 

Chapter 1. The Ethics of Belief

Chapter 2. It is wrong to Believe upon Insufficient Evidence?

Chapter 3. The Analysis of Knowledge

Chapter 4. Is Justified True Belief Knowledge ?

Chapter 5. Knowledge

Chapter 6. Propositional Knowledge

Chapter 7. A Proposed Definition of Propositional Knowledge

Chapter 8. The Inescapability of Gettier Problems

Chapter 9. Getting "Lucky" with Gettier

Chapter 10. Where Am I? 

Chapter 11. Personal Identity

Chapter 12. The Self and The Future

Chapter 13. The Unimportance of Identity

Chapter 14. Free Will and Determinism

Chapter 15. The Incompability of Free Will and Determinism

Chapter 16. Freedom of The Will and The Concept of A Person