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Online Platform

Domuni University is an online university offering distance learning. The Moodle learning platform provides a lively gathering place for students and teaching staff.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is the teaching platform most commonly used by institutions engaged in e-learning. It enables access to teaching materials and associated resources such as interactive quizzes, forums, as well as online pigeonholes for handing in assignments and collecting corrected papers. Moodle enables students to download learning materials and methodology sheets in PDF format, and to dialogue with teaching staff and other students via online chat rooms.

How does Moodle work ?

Once the online enrolment has been completed and payment received, students receive a password that enables access to the areas of the platform relating to the course they have registered for.

The learning material, student handbook and methodology guidelines can then be downloaded in PDF format.

Operating as a social network, the platform also provides students with a space to share and communicate with the whole “Domuni community” (contacts, forum, chat)