Statutes & Regulations

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An academic institution

Three bodies

Domuni Universitas is made up of three bodies: the teaching body, the student body and the administrative, educational and technical body. Each of these bodies has its own statutes and is represented in the Senate.

A Senate

The Academic Senate has legislative power. It votes on the statutes and regulations. It is the Senate that elects the Rector. The faculties are headed by a dean in his/her faculty council. Each faculty has its own regulations.


A number of regulations govern the functioning of Domuni Universitas. They cover general issues such as the study regulations or more specific issues, such as the issue of plagiarism or the study regulations for PhD students.

An ombudsman

An ombudsman is available in the event of a dispute to assist in communication and in finding appropriate solutions.

Three charters

Three charters specify the conditions for fellows, the ethical and deontological requirements and the organisation of examinations.

A living, evolving organisation

These statutes, regulations and charters are evolving and are intended to adapt to technological developments and to the general organisation. Their modification can be proposed to the Senate which votes on the introduction of new standards and amendments. This is how Domuni Universitas develops institutionally, over time, in the service of quality university education.