Michel Foucault, analyst of the norm, 1926-1984

Michel Foucault, analyst of the norm, 1926-1984

The norm is the idea central to the thought of Michel Foucault. It is the point from which he studies modern society. He distinguishes the norm from other forms of power.

Course code: PHEN16

ECTS Credits: 6

Professor: Emmanuel Boissieu

Table of content

Stage 1. The Normal and the Pathological

1. Disease : a natural order

2. Epidemics

3. The clinical

4. The anatomo-clinical

Stage 2. The abnormal

1. The union of the three figures

2. An origin: the monster

3. The undisciplined

4. The child mastubator

5. The madman as abnormal

Stage 3 The madman as abnormal

1. Madness as insanity/unreason

2. Anormality as alienation

Stage 4 The delinquent as abnormal

1. Normalisation and punishment

2. Normalisation and discipline

3. Moralisation and normalisation

4. Examination and normalisation

5. The constructionof the figure of the delinquent

6. The function of the abnormal

7. The carceral

Stage 5 The Pervert

1. The origin of normalisation

2. Who?

3. How?

4. An extension of perversion

Stage 6 A problemisation of normality

I. Philosophy as engaged activity
2. Eventialisation

3. A resistance to power


4. Work-on-the-self as protest