Indian Philosophy Unit III

Indian Philosophy Unit III

By Studying this particular unit one must be able to understand what is the meaning of Upaniṣad, how it was developed from Vedas and what are its main teachings and how they reach their logical culmination in the identity of the self and the Brahman. One must also be able to understand the Upaniṣadic view point of bondage and liberation along with the cosmogony and puruṣārtas.

The main objective of the conclusion is to introduce the students to the different systems of Indian Philosophy as it deals with various philosophical thoughts of several traditions originated in Indian Subcontinent.

Course code: PH0005

Table of contents

1.     Objectives

2.     Introduction

3.     Development of the Concept of Brahman and Ātman

4.     Bondage and Liberation

5.     World in Upaniṣads

6.     Puruṣārthas

Conclusion: The Classification of Schools in Indian Philosophy