Musisi Kasozi

United Kingdom

guillemets1I always wanted to study International Human Rights Law and the opportunity came when I visited the Domuni University website. I immediately knew that Domuni University was the right place for me to pursue my academic goals and for sure, I was not disappointed. I chose Domuni University for a very simple reason that the cost of learning was affordable. The course I chose was very interesting and covered a wide range of subjects from philosophy of law to International Humanitarian Law. I am a strong believer in human rights and very much against human rights violations and the course just provided the knowledge I needed. What I liked most about Domuni University, is the fact that I could easily fit learning around my work and home life. Secondly, I could decide exactly when and where to study. Staff and professors were so friendly and helpful and made sure that as students, we had the best eLearning experience with opportunities created for us to interact and learn from each other via zoom. I really enjoyed zoom discussions with other students a lot. My time at Domuni provided me with important academic and research skills which I intend to use in future academics and research.guillemets2



Brian Smithberger

United States

guillemets1As a testimonial to the International Dominican University student body, as well as any person considering attending, I recommend this University. The faculty are helpful and yet are rigorous in their pursuit of educating you. They comment on term papers to encourage the mind, develop further inquiry, and enhance the overall student experience. The forums allow a route of communication with professors to clarify expectations or sharpen the mode of study. Please accept my gratitude for the Univeristy and the Dominican Order of Preachers. Thank you!guillemets2




guillemets1I finished a Master of Theology at Domuni University in June. Studying at Domuni was an enriching experience. I had the possibility to study at my pace, and even if my English is not perfect, professors and administrators were always patient with me. Of course, distance learning is not simple, motivation is fundamental. Nonetheless, the possibility to spread the time of study over three or four years gave me the chance to conciliate work, family and study, and, quite importantly, to deepen my understanding of the courses offered: a matter of great importance for study at Master level.guillemets2




Susanne Möhring


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As I am single and self-employed, I had to find an online university with high academic standards, reliability in studies and existence, and a high international reputation, especially in philosophy and theology studies. There I found DOMUNI. DOMUNI offers a programme in different faculties and languages that made it possible for me to choose English, although not being a native speaker, as my study language.

Here are some crucial points that highlight DOMUNI as the university of choice, especially for European citizens. Higher Education is offered at an affordable price, at a distance, with the flexibility of access from remote places and from different time zones and at different times of the day.

The programmes provided by DOMUNI are outstanding in terms of being :

  • Peace supporting, as in remote areas, not a few powerful or educated people can manipulate the majority by propaganda
  • Supportive for self-development towards a mature personality
  • Disabled people have access
  • Individuals who care about children or the elderly people are not cut off from education
  • Flexibility in part-time studies
  • Movements of employees
  • Higher education directly works against slavery
  • Improve the living circumstances
  • Works against forced migration and loss of social structures in communitiesguillemets2





Peter McDonald


guillemets1I completed the degree of Bachelor in Religious Sciences over six years.  It was a stimulating and rewarding experience, allowing me to deepen my knowledge of fields in which I had a prior interest and stretching me out of my comfort zone into different areas that I might not otherwise have pursued. On-line study has its challenges, but the Domuni staff and student community were supportive and encouraging. I would recommend Domuni to others.guillemets2



Mike Francioso

United States

guillemets1My studies at Domuni began in 2016 and were completed in 2020 for a Master in Theology & Religious Studies. It was a wonderful experience. The organization of course content coupled with the helpfulness and abilities of the staff exceeded my expectations. My studies at Domuni also served to deepen and answer questions regarding my Catholic faith formation. I would highly recommend Domuni Universitas!guillemets2


Susana García, Valencia (Spain)

Susana García

Valencia (Spain)


I would summarize my personal view by taking as my own some words that I have read in Pope Francis' last Apostolic Exhortation, chapter III, titled ‘The proclamation of the Gospel’: ‘When someone is a believer doesn't go wrong, even if he or she can not find the right words to explain that faith.
After finishing this subject, both the lessons and the reading of the book, with almost thirty years in the Neocatechumenal Way and very little experience in religious studies, I think that the Fundamental Theology, as the name suggests, offers these words that any believer sometimes needs in order to be capable to proclaim and announce. It is somehow to discover that there are appropriate words to explain the Mystery of Revelation, though there are always some areas of this Mystery which belong to each one's personal experience as it always has been throughout the centuries.guillemets2



Olivier Barrett

Nothern Ireland


I started looking for a master’s course that allowed me to work and study at the same time.
After searching, I eventually discovered Domuni and got accepted to study for a master’s in Theology.
It took a lot of courage to go back to studying but it is a decision I have not regretted for one minute. Domuni has afforded me the opportunity deepen my understanding of the faith without having to attend lectures in person.
I have found the course material to be enlightening and nourishing. My study skills have improved a great deal and I have grown in confidence since starting the course.guillemets2