Domuni, a university network

25 years of experience in online education

Specialising in multilingual distance learning, Domuni Universitas, or DOMinican UNIversity, is a French private higher education institution with an international reach, offering degree courses throughout the world.

Domuni Universitas offers degree and certification courses by distance learning as well as short courses and tailor-made courses in 5 languages. It has nearly 25 years of experience in Moocs (massive open online resources) since it was founded in 1998,

Distance learning with excellence

A worldwide networked organisation favours the mobilisation of the best professors, specialists in highly specialised subjects, and leads students to cross-fertilise their experience from a wide variety of situations.

Accessibility for all

The key word is accessibility and therefore flexibility, both in terms of space and time. Studying at home reduces travel costs to zero. Above all, it saves a lot of time. The pedagogical engineering has been completely rethought to put all the digital tools at the service of communication between students and teachers. This goes far beyond the emergency measures adopted at the time of Covid. Since 1998, with 25 years of experience, Domuni Universitas has been organised to make higher education accessible to everyone: those who live far from a university centre, those who have little time because they have a job and a family. At the level of each course, the student can communicate with the teacher and with the other students on the content of the course in an almost immediate interactivity; at the level of each study plan and at the level of each faculty, it is the same. In this way, a real socialisation takes place and teaching and research are done in teams.

Domuni Universitas comprises three faculties

- The Faculty of Philosophy

- The Faculty of Theology

- The Faculty of Social Sciences

Domuni Universitas comprises two departments

- The Department of Economics, Management and Development, in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

- The Department of History and History of Art, in the Faculty of Social Sciences

Domuni Universitas comprises two inter-faculty institutes

- Human Rights Institute, in the Faculty of Social Sciences

- Sciences of Religions Institute, in the Faculty of Social Sciences

Domuni Universitas comprises a research institute

- DRI, Domuni Research Institute

Domuni Universitas comprises a university publishing house

- Domuni-Press

Philosophy, Theology, Social sciences... bachelors, masters, PhD, diplomas and certificates... in history, art history, law, philosophy, theology, ethics, etc. The university's dedicated faculties (over 300 academic staff from fourty countries) teach students of all ages and nationalities entirely by distance learning.