Certificates of Advanced Studies, online

The Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) offer general knowledge on a given theme and are made of 15 ECTS. They are particularly ideal to those who wish to acquire information on a specified subject without having to commit to a BA, MA or PhD program.

Each of these certificates is composed of 5 courses that can be studied over the duration of 1 year (that is 12 months maximum).

The certificates are offered to students who will then be able to study and understand a subject in a complete way, while being accompanied by a teacher-tutor and validating ECTS (15 ECTS per certificate).


LIST OF Certificates

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History and Philosophy

Philosophy and its history

Discovering the great thinkers

Ethics and moral



Philosophy metaphysics

World philosophy and religious studies

Scripture - Revelation

Church and Sacraments

Theology to get started

Theology and Philosophy

Interfaith and oecumenism

The Trinity and Christian Life

Understanding the Muslim faith

Church history and Philosophy

Church history across the Ages

Scripture, a story of Alliance

Certificate in Business

Certificate in Economic Development

Certificate in Human Rights

Certificate in Canon Law