Political Philosophy: An Introduction

Political Philosophy: An Introduction

Political philosophy is a branch of philosophy that studies essential questions about various political issues, concepts and problems that are important to any human society.  Based on concepts such as state, justice, liberty, rights, government and authority, political philosophy can be regarded as the primal ethics applied to a group of people, geared towards the setting up of a political society, the maintenance of a stable society and the best possible way for citizens to act.

Course code: PHI00011

ECTS Credits: 6

Professor: Isaac Mutelo

In the first section, the overview of politics, political philosophy and the political concept of liberalism are presented.

The second and third sections present a general historical evolution of political philosophy by briefly discussing the key political thought of certain political philosophers from Plato to contemporary times. 

The fourth section focuses on religion and state, one of the essential themes in political philosophy.

The fifth section takes the theme of religion and state further by discussing actual sample cases.