Bachelors and Masters


Bachelors, Masters of arts, PhD

University courses offered by Domuni-Universitas
List of university courses

Domuni University offers the following courses :

  • Philosophy: Bachelor, Master, Master of Advanced Study, PhD
  • Theology: Bachelor, Master, Master of Advanced Study, PhD
  • Social Sciences: Master in Human Rights Law, Master of Advanced Study, PhD

 Divided into:

  • Bachelors: 3 years (Bachelor 1, Bachelor 2, Bachelor 3)
  • Masters: 5 years (Bachelor 1, 2, 3 + Master 1, Master 2)
  • PhD : 3 years (PhD1 + PhD2 + PhD 3)

As well as:

Philosophy: bachelor of arts of Philosophy, master of arts of Philosophy, PhD
Theology: bachelor of Theology, master of Theology, PhD of Theology
Human Rights: master in Human Rights, PhD in Human Rights
Economics, Certificate in Business, Certificate in Economic Development



University degrees

state diplomas
institutional diplomas

Duration of university education

3 years (bachelor)
2 years (master of arts)
3 years (PhD)

i.e. :

Bachelor in 3 years (BA 1, BA 2 and BA 3)
Master of arts in 2 years (MA 1 and MA 2)
PhD in 3 years (PhD 1, PhD 2, PhD 3)

Short courses

Short courses: certificates - CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies)
D.U. (university diplomas), DAS (Diplomas of Advanced Studies)
Complementary masters, MAS (Master of Advanced Studies)
Validated à la carte courses
A la carte self-study courses

Recommended Pace of Study

Enrolling in an online programme with Domuni University allows students to study from home and at their own pace. It is particularly suitable for those who have never had the opportunity to study, be it because of their busy schedules or large distances to traditional universities. The academic year begins with the student’s enrolment, which is possible all year around. Students may choose to study at a faster or slower pace, taking up to 24 months for the material covering one academic year.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree programme: Baccalaureate or secondary school certificate

  •  Master’s degree programme: Bachelor’s degree certificate in the same subject, or for holders of Master's degrees in other subjects a 1 year transition to Master programme.

Validation of Bachelor and Master Programmes

In order to validate a Bachelor’s, students must obtain an overall average of at least 10/20 for the various assessments (assignments and exams). Each course is assessed by an assignment and an exam must be completed at the end of each semester. The exam takes place online.

For Master studies, as well as the assignments and exams outlined above, a thesis will be presented before a jury.

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