Social and political philosophy

Social and political philosophy

There are many different definitions of Social Political Philosophy (SPP): the political can be defined as social decision making; philosophy is the most general form of inquiry that is the attempt to say what it is true and why. 

Course code: PHEN07

Professor: Lorenzo Gallo

Course description

This course intends to familiarize the students with the debates and contributions of the main philosophical scholars and theories which have developed through history from the time of Greek Sophists through the XX century. Based on the Aristotelian assumption that man is a by nature a political animal, the course intends to give ultimate answers to questions such as how material goods should be distributed; on what basis people should possess property; what are the justified reasons why some people have more properties than others; why political power has to exist; what kinds of governments are acceptable; what does it determine the correct balance between authority and autonomy;  what is the right balance between private and common good; what are the justified limits to my/your freedom. 

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction

Part I: Historical contributions on social political thought

Chapter 2. Ancient Origins

Chapter 3. Key Catholic Contributions

Chapter 4. Pre-Enlightenment & Protestant Thought Emerges

Chapter 5. Modern Political Thinking

Chapter 6. Contemporary Thinkers

Part II: Contemporary social political issues

Chapter 7. Social Political Philosophy: A Survey of Contemporary Issues