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Admission requirements, validation deadlines, teaching platform, dissertation defences, events, meetings, etc.: although some people say that university life at Domuni is "virtual", it is nonetheless very concrete.

Elearning platform DoMoodle

Moodle, the standard reference for university online learning, enables Domuni’s 2500 students to communicate with academic staff, be in contact with their tutor and to meet other students via the Domuni Social network.

Discover how the online teaching platform Moodle works.

Specific information on education and the organisation of studies

Students have their own discussion forums in each of the faculties. A monthly debate is organised on each one, moderated by a teacher. A special page is reserved for student life on Moodle, "Student community".

On each of their courses, the teacher presents their CV and a forum for questions relating to the content of their teaching. Students can ask questions and see the answers to previous questions. In this way, a research and teaching community is formed. The "seminars", interactive training courses, offered for Masters courses in particular foster this sense of belonging.
University team

Academic Staff

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Studying at a distance does not prevent students from meeting directly with other students, the teaching administration and the teachers.

Various face-to-face events are organised in different cities and countries, ranging from one-day events such as participatory study days (PDDs) to week-long events such as summer schools, colloquia and sessions.


Domuni-Universitas has favoured the a-synchronous mode for the training so that the student connects when he or she is available to study. Synchronous times are dedicated to the most personal moments of communication: meeting with the mentor, exams. Rather than offering endless videos, Domuni-Universitas, whenever possible, favours the written word to transmit theoretical knowledge more accurately and quickly.

Distance learning makes it possible to study at home or on the move, and courses are also accessible on smartphones. Moreover, it promotes personalised training.

As a Domuni student you can meet the university team at one of our summer schools

The organisation of the training is designed to people who are passionate about studying subjects that are not necessarily their primary training, and who have responsibilities with family and professional obligations.

According to the Bologna agreements for European universities, equivalences can be granted for previous training and professional experience.