Introduction to critical thinking. Part I

Introduction to critical thinking. Part I

Etymologically, the word "Epistemology", from the Greek, means the science of knowledge. It is an investigation of knowledge and its problems. A synonymous term is Criteriology which again from the Greek means to distinguish or judge. It deals with testin g knowledge to find truth or detect error.

Course code: PH0013

Professor: Glenn Morris

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 The critical problem
  • Chapter 3 States of the mind relative to the truth of any proposition
  • Chapter 4 The intellect and truth
  • Chapter 5 Doctrines related to truth and certainty
  • Chapter 6 Relativism
  • Chapter 7 IdealismChapter 8 Rationalism & Empiricism& Existentialism