History of Philosophy, Ethics

From the Pre-Socratics, Heraclitus, Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle to contemporary philosophers in Europe, Africa and Asia, humanity has always searched for wisdom and truth.



Law, History, Art, Religion

The social sciences study the crossover point between the individual and society, questioning humanity in its complexity through a transdisciplinary approach, at the crossroads between law, history, history of art and religious sciences.



Bible, Ethics, Interreligious dialogue

The mystery of God is unfathomable. But when faced with oversimplification, one must answer with intellectual courage, harnessing the power of tradition.


Students can enroll at any time, all year round. You work at your own pace, from the leisure of your own home.


Domuni follows the Bologna agreement between European universities. Its teachings are divided in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral programs. Credits are evaluated using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).


Short programs: Certificates of Advanced studies, Diplomas of Advanced studies, Christian Training Certificates and Accompanied Courses.


Students can enroll at any time, all year round. You work at your own pace, from the leisure of your own home.

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Session Bible et Archéologie en Jordanie

La Session Biblique et archéologique en Jordanie s'est passée à merveille ! Du 20 au 28 Octobre, les participants ont découvert Petra, le Mont Nébo, le Jourdain, Jérash et d'autres endroits et monuments magnifiques. Nous remercions tous les participants et espérons vous retrouver très vite pour de nouvelles découvertes !


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