A Word from the President-Rector

Le mot de la rectrice

Dear students, teachers and staff,

I am delighted to welcome you to Domuni-Universitas.

You are joining a dynamic and international institution, renowned for its academic quality and teaching innovation.

Whether you are newcomers or long-standing members, you are all essential contributors to our university community.


At present, almost 3,500 students are following a teaching programme at Domuni-Universitas, in philosophy, theology, history, art history, human rights, economics and development.

The disciplines offered are the fruit of the heritage of the university tradition and the commitment of the Dominican men and women over eight centuries.

With the support of nearly 350 teachers and researchers, it is possible to choose one or more languages of instruction.

Programmes, courses and online seminars are available in French, English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

Anyone can take distance learning courses, wherever they are, with great flexibility, reconciling their training with their professional and personal commitments.


At Domuni-Universitas, every student benefits from personalised support throughout their academic career.

Each student has the support of a dedicated teacher-mentor, who is available to answer questions, offer personalised advice and guide them through their course.

The mentor is more than just an online tutor; he or she provides comprehensive, personalised support.

He or she accompanies students in their academic and personal development, helping them to set long-term goals and develop a variety of skills that are relevant beyond the academic sphere.

This tailor-made support enables students to progress at their own pace, overcome difficulties and achieve their academic and professional goals.

Mentoring takes place both on a one-to-one basis between mentor and mentee and in group sessions. Methodology seminars and live mentoring sessions are organised on a regular basis, and everyone is free to join in as they wish.

Although the entire course can be followed at a distance, optional face-to-face meetings are regularly organised in various locations.

These occasions enable students, teachers and mentors to get together for study groups, participatory study days, colloquia or field research sessions, providing additional personal enrichment.

Thanks to a personalised approach, each student feels supported and valued in his or her career.

A wide network, a community

Domuni-Universitas benefits from a wide network of collaborations with universities and research centres, guaranteeing high-quality teaching and research.

In addition to the Domuni offer, conferences and symposia, courses and seminars, and research activities are offered, both online and face-to-face. All Domuni members are invited to attend, just as their members are invited to all the activities offered by Domuni.

Students and teachers are at the heart of the network. They can both contribute to it and benefit from it, encouraging academic exchanges and the dissemination of knowledge.

Thanks to digital technologies, Domuni makes it possible to forge links across borders, bringing together students, teachers and researchers in a broad-based university community. More than just a connection, it represents a network for knowledge sharing, mutual support and individual and collective growth.

In this way, Domuni-Universitas is not just a window on the world, but also a bridge that connects people in their quest for knowledge and development, forging a future where education and collaboration are fully accessible to all.

Welcome to Domuni!


Marie MONNET, op