A Word from the President-Rector

“Welcome to Domuni, the Dominican online university!

mva1bIn this day and age, it is of great importance to be educated in theology and philosophy. Christian culture has lost its bearing on society, it is more important than ever to bridge the huge gap between university-level education and the rudimentary knowledge of Christianity.

By choosing Domuni University, you have the opportunity to work at your own pace, according to your own specific circumstances. At the same time, you can benefit from the personalised assistance provided by your tutor. You join an international community, active around the globe, and you can interact with the rest of the world via Moodle, the university's online campus.

In over twenty years, Domuni, the online university of the Dominican Order, has branched out beyond the ivory tower of academic theology. In welcoming over 4000 students from every corner of the globe, Domuni opens, in your own home, a window to the rest of the world.

Wherever you may be, in just one click it is possible for you to join 8 centuries worth of intellectual pursuit.

Looking forward to seeing you on Moodle.”

Fr. Michel Van Aerde, op