The Dominican Approach to Theology

Students experience first-hand what St. Thomas Aquinas meant when he said: ‘contemplare et aliis contemplata tradere’ (to contemplate and to give to others the fruits of contemplation). By enrolling in a Theology programme at Domuni University, students are given a taste of the contemplated truth, a taste of the Word of God, and the intellectual tools to gradually understand and express in their own words what we believe.

  • The university’s programme in theological studies leads to Bachelor's and / or Master's degrees in Theology. These degrees in theology also fulfil the requirements for ongoing academic development up to doctoral studies.

Our students

Though many of our students are from a Catholic background, we offer theological education to scholars from any congregation, denomination or religion: from laymen and ordained members of the clergy to Methodist and Presbyterian ministers, evangelical and Baptist pastors.

In other words, if you have a ministerial, pastoral, or spiritual vocation, if you are interested in preaching, counseling, spirituality, evangelism, or simply Christianity in general, Domuni is the university for you.

Domuni welcomes students of all ministries, churches and traditions, from all over the world, equipping our institution with an intercultural, ecumenical dimension.

The curriculum

Our programmes cover all the essential disciplines of a classic theological seminary, school of theology, divinity school or Christian studies program: systematic theology, ethics, sacred scripture, the gospel, apologetics, the Old and New Testament, etc. However, we also offer courses beyond the scope of traditional theological schools and seminaries such as intercultural studies, practical theology, and spiritual formation. We aim to equip all students with a renewed and deepened capacity for reflection and worship, in preparation for their future, be it in a fellowship, in Christian ministry, in a denominational or institutional context.