Domuni Universitas now organises online Master research seminars

What is the purpose of online seminars?

The purpose of our online seminars is to give students the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with fellow students while being prompted by a professor to defend and develop these points of view. The seminars are also a unique opportunity for students to branch out and discuss topics they may not have considered so far in their studies.

Seminars are compulsory at Master level and lead to 6 ECTS each.

Practicalities of the seminar

The seminars are held on the online learning platform DoMoodle.

Discussions take place via forums. Students can log in to DoMoodle and contribute to discussions whenever they are available, therefore allowing maximum flexibility within the 6-10 week seminar. Some professors choose to arrange bi-weekly live discussions via a video conferencing tool for those students who are available. 

How does it work?

- The seminar lasts between 6 and 10 weeks and is divided into 2-week stages. The first week of each stage works as follows:

  1. The professor presents a text to be read and analysed or an idea to be considered.
  2. Each student prepares a structured, written contribution (approximately 4,000 characters, including spaces).
  3. Contributions are posted on the forum by the end of the first week of this section.


The second week of each stage works as follows:

  1. The professor starts a discussion based around the written contributions received from students
  2. Students take part in the discussion via the forums and/or the live discussions which take place via a video conferencing tool.

- The above structure repeats itself for each stage of the seminar (there are between 3 and 5 stages)

- At the end of the seminar, the professor gives a final mark which takes into account the written contributions as well as the participation in discussions of each student.