Scripture - Revelation

Scripture – The Revelation

Credits: 15

Diploma : Scripture - The Revelation

Access: There are no prerequisites for these short courses. The course material is university level.

Length of Studies: Students have 24 months from the date of enrolment in which to validate the diploma.

Validation: Each of the five courses is assessed by a 5 page written assignment. The diploma is worth 15 ECTS.

Diploma : Scripture - Revelation

Keen to understand the Bible better? Do you desire to journey through Sacred Scripture, pausing to taking in the key points to help the understanding of the Revelation?

Beginning with a general introduction this course aims at furnishing the student with the appropriate tools for a meaningful study of Biblical texts, with particular reference to its spiritual, liturgical and pastoral context. The study of the historical books and the discovery of the unique and special events it tells will provide an understanding of the foundation of the people of Israel. The journey continues with look at all that is entailed by the exclamation « Thus speaks the Lord » whilst a study of the Gospel of John looks at the fullness of the Revelation, and is approached through the themes of “Temple”, “Light”, and “Life”. An introduction to the Life, Epistles and Theology of Saint Paul concludes this formal course of study by looking at how one man was transformed by his encounter with the Lord.

Scripture – The Revelation

- Introduction to Sacred Scriptures
- Historical Books of the Old Testament
- Prophets 1
- The Gospel of St John
- Introduction to Saint Paul

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