Introduction to Sacred Scriptures

Introduction to Sacred Scriptures

The course aims at furnishing the student withe the appropriate tools for a meaningful of the Biblical text, with particular reference to its spiritual, liturgical and pastoral context. The course will further aim at providing a basis familiarity with, and a critical assessment of contemporary exegetical methods.

Course code: THEN01

Professor: Adrian Judd

Course description

This course will teach you modern methods of Biblical Studies. You will evaluate their use in the light of the tradition of the Church. You will learn how to do exegesis of Scripture and the limitations of the Historical-Critical method.


  1. To understand the historical development of Biblical studies in the Church
  2. To practice exegesis using modern methods of Biblical Studies
  3. To reflect on the limitations of the Historical-Critical Method

Learning outcomes:

  1. To apply the Historical-Critical method to the nativity
  2. To evaluate its usefulness in exegesis
  3. To understand its adoption by the Church
  4. To analyse its weaknesses

Assessment methods

A course quiz on Moodle and a final assignment.

Course contents:

Ch. 0 The adoption of modern methods of Biblical Interpretation by the Church
Ch. 1 The formation of the Bible
Ch. 2 The Historical-Critical Method
Ch. 3 Form  and redaction Criticism,
Ch. 4 Theological History
Ch. 5 Modern Hermeneutics
Ch. 6 Critique of the New Criticism
Ch. 7 Truth and Inspiration
Ch. 8 The literal and spiritual senses of scripture
Ch. 9 Lectio Divina
Ch. 10 Inculturation
Ch. 11 The Bible and Liturgy