Prophets 1

Prophets 1

An Introduction to the Prophetical Phenomenon

The prophets understand themselves as inspired by God and claim that what they say is word of God. This is obvious from the very frequent formula they use « Thus speaks the Lord »...

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Table of content

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to Prophetism in Ancient Near-East

Section 1.1- Syria-Palestine
Section 1.2- The Hittites
Section 1. 3- Egypt
Section 1.4- Mesopotamia
Section 1.5- Assyria

Chapter 2 : A Closer Look - Prophets in Ancient Mesopotamia & Assyria

Section 2.1- Prophets with a Title from Ancient Mesopotamia
Section 2.2- Prophets without a title in Ancient Mesopotamia
Section 2.3- The context of the oracles in Ancient Mesopotamia
Section 2.4- The content of the oracles in Ancient Mesopotamia
Section 2.5- The status of the oracles in Ancient Mesopotamia
Section 2.6- The prophets with a title rom Ancient Assyria
Section 2.7- The prophets without title in Ancient Assyria
Section 2.8- The context of the oracles in Ancient Assyria
Section 2.9- The content of the oracles in Ancient Assyria

Chapter 3 : The Beginnings of Prophetism in Israel : A question of origin

Section 3.1- What can we say about early influences?
Section 3.2- Analysing the Hebrew Canon to look for answers to the question of the origin of prophetism in Israel
Section 3.3- Offering a Critical Answer : The prophecy of war and the birth of monarchy
Section 3.4- A prophetess arises
Section 3.5- Taking a closer look at Deborah as an early Israelite Prophetess
Section 3.6- An Anonymous Prophet

Chapter 4

Section 4.1- The Brotherhood of Prophets
Section 4.2- The First Non-Writing Prophets
Section 4.3- Alternate Considerations
Section 4.4- Court Prophecy in relation to the Monarchal Period & its Fall
Section 4.5 - Some Preliminary Conclusions
Section 4.6- The prophets in the work of the Chronist (Ezr; Ne; 1-2 Ch)

Chapter 5 - The Prophets begin to write!

Section 5.1- The prophetical vocabulary in Hebrew : Nabi’
Section 5.2- Etymology
Section 5.3 The Words about the Relationship Between the Prophet and God
Section 5.4 -The Words that Speak about the Prophet in his Relationship with Israel.
Section 5.5- The Vocabulary in Greek.

CHAPTER 6 : Literary Forms

Section 6.1 The Oracle of Doom (or judgment, or threat, or reproaches)
Section 6.2- The Oracles against the Nations
Section 6.3- The Oracles of Salvation / Hope
Section 6.4 Widsom or Educational Speeches
Section 6.5 The Narratives.
Section 6.6- Vocation / Calling Narratives

CHAPTER 7- Main Features of the Prophetic Speech

Section 7.1- The Messenger Formulas

Section 7.2- The Prophet as Messenger

Section 7.3- The Formula of Recognition or Self-manifestation

Section 7.4- The Symbolic Actions

Section 7.5- Formulating the Prophetical Books

Section 7.6- Forms Used to Preserve Prophetic Speech

Section 7.7- The writing process itself