International Public Law

International Public Law

This course intends to provide students with an overview of international law and the structure of the international legal system. In many cases, it oversimplifies the law by summarising key principles in less than one page in order to provide the student with an overview that will enhance further study of the topic.

Introduction to International Law focuses on active learning and assessment for learning. The key idea behind the learning strategy in this module is that most of the transfer of information (learning) takes place outside the classroom, that is, reading and working on assignments.

The concentrated part of the learning will take place in the classroom where we will engage with the materials and create room for discussion and questions. The module is divided into four themes: 

1- Definition and history of international law (1.2 of Chapter 1);
2- The sources of international law (Chapter 2);
3- The subject of international law (Chapter 3);
4- The topical issues in international law (Chapter 4)

Code du cours: DRT 017

Crédits ECTS: 3

Professeur : Fr. Stanslaus Muyebe