International Humanitarian Law

International Humanitarian Law

The course seeks to explain the concept, nature and history of International Humanitarian Law (“IHL”) in such a manner that the student will become familiar with its operations in international law. Some concrete case studies will be included to assist the student to fully understand the core concept of IHL.
Wars have been waged from time immemorial and its practice continues to change over time. Our interest in this module is the law regulating conflicts.

At the end of this module, a successful student should be able to:

  • define International Humanitarian Law;
  • explain the various stages of its development;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the IHL and how it functions today;
  • be able to define and classify the international crimes and where they are applied citing legal sources;
  • understand and appreciate the role of IHL; and
  • develop knowledge on key principles and concepts of IHL.


Scope of the course:

Chapter 1: Introduction to IHL

Chapter 2: The scope and application of IHL

Chapter 3: The conduct of hostilities 

Chapter 4: Protection of persons under IHL

Chapter 5: Implementation and enforcement of IHL 

Code du cours: DRT012

Crédits ECTS: 3

Professeur : Fr. Stanslaus Muyebe