Bachelor 1 Canon Law

Canon Law year 1

Credits: 60

Length: 1 year (part time study also available)
Degree type : BA Domuni University
Entry requirements: Completion of Secondary Education, A levels, International Baccalaureat or equivalent.

First Cycle of Canon Law

The first cycle of Canon Law provides general education in philosophy, theology, Latin and canon law. Acquiring a few basics of philosophy is essential to developing thought processes and the cultural references that allow access to theology. It is also important to situate canon law in context. During this first year of the first cycle of Canon Law , the student can test his ability to pursue his studies in the second cycle, on the Masters programme. The first cycle of Canon Law is in two years, 4 semesters totaling 120 ECTS .

The First Cycle of Canon Law, first year, includes the following courses:

Semester 1 :

- Introduction to Sacred Scriptures

- Canon Law

- A first introduction to Theology

- Latin

- Introduction to the Pentateuch

Semester 2 :

- Trinitarian Christology

- Trinity part one

- Fundamental Moral Theology

- The creed

- Ecclesiology

List of Courses