Canon Law - Part II

Canon Law - Part II

Law is a juridical system that organizes the social aspects of humankind. For that reason the systematic oranization, the content and the governing principle of canon law and its different branches should and do conform to how well the Church’s social dimension and social structures are understood at each moment in time.

Course code: CAN112

Professor: Martin Lavoie

Course summary:

Book three. The teaching office of the Church (747-833)

Book four : I - Sanctifying office (cc. 834-958)

Book four : II - Anointing, Order, Marriage II (cc. 959-1165)

Book four : III - The sanctifying office of the Church - Other acts. Places and Times (cc. 1166-1253)

Book five : The temporal goods of the Church (cc. 1254-1310)

Book six : Sanctions in the Church (cc. 1311-1399)

Book seven : (cc. 1400-1752)