Fundamental Moral Theology

Fundamental Moral Theology

Distinctions need to be made regarding the subject of moral theology : first – as distinct from moral philosophy or ethics; second – as distinct from other theologica l studies.

Course code: TH01

Professor: Catherine Joseph Droste


This course studies the moral life from a Thomistic perspective, grounded in the understanding of the dignity of each human person. This dignity includes an inclination towards beatitude, union with God, which a person embraces through free cooperation with God's grace.

table of contents

  • Part I: Foundations of Moral Discourse
  • Part II. The Human Person - Imago Dei
  • Part III: The Human Act
  • Part IV: The Passions
  • Part V: The Virtues
  • Part VI: Practical Reasoning
  • Part VII: On Sin and Vice
  • Part VIII: Of Law and Grace