Master in Theology

Master in Theology

Students wishing to enroll in the Master in Theology are expected to have previously been awarded a Bachelor's Degree in Theology or Religious Studies.

The Master’s Degree is a two year programme.

The first year of the Master’s is aimed at deepening knowledge and developing group work skills. It involves 7 courses and two seminars.

The second year of the Master’s programme enables students to specialise. It also involves a thesis of 350 000 characters - (including spaces). Students will then complete an oral thesis defense in front of an academic jury.

Successful completion of the Master’s degree would enable students to teach.


The pedagogy of Domuni does not rely solely on reading. Interactive seminars are regularly offered for Master students. These are research seminars where students work synchronously: the seminars take place at fixed times and all participants study at the same time. Seminars are an opportunity for a real dialogue research, led by a professor. The findings of the seminars can lead to publication in Telos, the university's journal.