Domuni across the world

A Borderless University

The courses offered by the Dominican Online University are available to students worldwide.

The courses can be downloaded in PDF format at the click of a button and paid for online. Studies in Philosophy and Theology can be followed from around the world.

Domuni University began with the French section. Today the range of courses offered is broadened by development of different linguistic sections.

The presence of delegations on the five continents enables students to take their exams and defend their academic work in their country of origin.

Domuni University is a universal language stemming from a long Dominican tradition, an international meeting point and online teaching platform, which enableS exchanges via forums and email. It is also a centre local to you when it comes to sitting your exams and defending your academic work.

On a local level

An examination centre near you! Students in all countries of the world can take their exams in a local centre in order to validate their studies.

All over the World

Thanks to the presence of the Dominican community and the examination centres all around the world, Domuni University is close to its students.

Local departments

Progressively, Domuni University is creating departments on a local level that liaise with students on the different continents and communicate information adapted to each country’s university system. (Inscriptions, local qualifications, validation of prior learning)


A first department opened its doors in Africa in 2011: the DAF, Department of Africa

• The DAF supervises the organisation of studies from inscriptions across the African continent

• On request, the DAF can organise local tutorial sessions.