Programmes in five languages


Domuni universitas offers distance learning in Philosophy, Theology and Social Sciences, in no less than five languages. With courses in French, Spanish, English, Italian and Arabic, the online Dominican university institution reaches out to the world with its 300.

Domuni universitas welcomes more than 4,000 students from all over the world and is thus present in more than thirty countries. It also benefits from a strong international presence through partnerships created with various study centres located in different countries.

Five Languages

The Dominican online university aims to transmit 8 centuries of intellectual heritage to the largest number of people. It works in five languages French, Spanish and English, as well as Italian and Arabic.


The Order of Preachers, from its foundation in Toulouse in 1216, has spread around the world (Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa) and founded many prestigious universities. The Dominicans are an itinerant preaching order and their members often spend long periods of time away from their home countries. Today, the Order of Preachers, (Dominicains) gathers 6000 brothers, 30,000 Sisters, 200 000 lay members. The convents are most often found in University towns.

Domuni University is a university without borders with students from across the world, from the 5 continents

Domuni is a university formed by the two French provinces. (Toulouse Province and the French Province). Originally all teaching was in French. Progressively modules became available in Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Arabic. Today, complete study courses are available in French, Spanish, English, Italian and Arabic.

Domuni is a University. Etymologically “a form of universality” and that is what it aims to be. Within the Dominican secular tradition, and in its service to theology, Domuni aims to create communications between linguistic sectors, in order to be both mutually stimulating and to help understanding.
Domuni University intends to develop an intercultural dialogue through joint research projects, international meetings and publications translated into several languages.