Trinity Part III

Trinity Part III

This course examines the foundations of trinitarian doctrine in revelation.

Trinity Part I

Trinity Part II

Course code: TH319

Professor: Adrian Judd
Dr. Thomas Joseph White


This course examines the foundations of trinitarian doctrine in revelation (scripture and tradition read in conjunction with the church’s receptive magisterial teaching).It explores Thomas Aquinas, systematic consideration of the teaching of the church regarding god as one and three persons. it also engages with modern questions of trinitarian doctrine and interpretation.


  1. to present a fundamental theology of the triune god from a catholic perspective
  2. to expose students to a number of important classical theological texts and conciliar definitions
  3. to examine a systematic reflection on the mystery of the most holy trinity from a thomistic perspective
  4. to do this in some conversation with contemporary debates and controversies.
  5. to require of students a fair degree of textual analysis, and coherent theological argument, in the form of written essays.


Chapter 1: Trinitarian Processions in God

Chapter 2: Relations & Notional Names

Chapter 3: Persons

Chapter 4: God the Father

Chapter 5: God the Son

Chapter 6: God the Holy Spirit

Chapter 7: Perichoresis

Chapter 8: Appropriation, Creation, & the Unity of Divine Action

Chapter 9: Divine Missions & the Imago Dei

Chapter 10: Jesus Christ & the Revelation of the Triune God in History