Liturgy Part Two

Liturgy Part Two

The course will examine the major moments in the historical development of the liturgy in both East and West from the New Testament era with its Jewish foundations to the present. Attention will be given to the role of ritual and symbol in human life, the relationship of liturgy to society and culture, and critical approaches to liturgical practice.

Course code: THEN021-2

Professor: Dr. David H. Pereyra

Table of content

6. The Reformation

7. Liturgical Inculturation – Asia, Africa and the Americas

8. The Liturgical Movement and Catholic Ritual Revision

9. Principles of Pastoral Liturgy: Eucharist and Initiation

10. Principles of Pastoral Liturgy: Daily Prayer and Liturgical Year

11. Principles of Pastoral Liturgy: Liturgy and the Arts

12. Principles of Pastoral Liturgy: Liturgy and Society.