ECTS Credits:


This module, Introduction to Christian Spirituality, is divided into four units.

- The first unit examines the spiritual landscape of today, focussing on the many spiritual challenges of the twenty-first century and on some of the possible responses to these challenges.

- Unit Two analyses the concept of Christian spirituality, taking a closer look at several of its central themes and focussing on some of the principal spiritual writers of the two thousand years of Christian history.

- Unit Three engages in a deeper analysis of the very idea of spirituality itself, with reference to both Christian and non-Christian spiritual traditions. It clarifies the idea of what the term ‘spirituality’ actually means.

- Finally, the fourth unit invites the reader to engage directly with the writings of a selection of outstanding Christian spiritual figures. These writings span a period from the fifth to the twentieth centuries, and the student will find quite a diversity of styles and usage of language at work in the writings presented.

Throughout the module, the student will be expected to reflect on the material being covered and to write answers to the exercises provided.