Ecumenical Biblical Hermeneutics

Ecumenical Biblical Hermeneutics

The aim of this first set of readings is to gain familiarity and/or to review the literary history of the Bible: namely, religious, socio-political, cultural factors which shaped the structure and content of both testaments.

Course code: THEN022

Professor: Dr. Jesmond Micallef


This course allows students to explore the Eastern Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant understandings, interpretations and uses of Scripture. The course introduces students to several contextual and traditional practices of hermeneutics in biblical studies. They will learn to read the Bible from various perspectives by engaging in a series of exegetical exercises and developing an exegetical study of selected biblical texts. Participants will also have an opportunity to explore the use of the Bible in pastoral setting: namely, how various approaches and readings impact social and ethical life of believing communities.