Christology Part Three

Christology Part Three


Course code: THEN1000

Professor: Donald Goergen


We have considered christologies in the New Testament, and in the early Church, as well as that of Thomas Aquinas as representative of the Middle Ages. How best to hand on the good news of who Jesus is gets re-thought throughout the centuries, always grounded in the previous Tradtion, but also respectful of new challenges. So in the twentieth century, thinking about Jesusfinds new contexts: Asia, Africa, Latin America, within feminist thought, within the context of religious pluralism. Christology, as all theology, confronts the challenge of inculturation. We present only a few efforts to think about Christology in these new contexts. 

Table of contents:

  1. Doing Christology in Context
  2. Doing Christology in Africa
  3. Doing Christology in Asia
  4. Doing Christology in Latin America
  5. Doing christology in context : feminism