Martin Lavoie

Martin Lavoie

Born 1956/02/18, Saint-Pamphile, QC, Canada
Profession in the Order of Preachers, St Dominic Province of Canada : 1981/08/08
Priestly ordination: 1985/05/04


Bachelor in Theology (B. TH) : 1979, Dominican University College, Ottawa, Canada.
Bachelor ès arts with concentration in philosophy (B.A.PH) : 1980, Dominican University College, Ottawa, Canada.
Licence in theology : 1984, Dominican University College, Ottawa, Canada.
Master ès arts in theology (M.A.TH.) : 1984, Dominican University College, Ottawa, Canada.
Licence in canon law : 1988, Institut Catholique, Paris, France.
Doctoral Scholarship in Canon Law : 1989, St Thomas Aquinas University, Rome, Italy.
Bacchelor in education (B.ED. ; Baccalaureate program of teaching religious studies ; Four years program) : 1999, Université du Québec à Montréal, Montréal, Canada.
Vocational training in Counseling. Program of Three years at the CRAM (Centre de Relation d’Aide de Montréal, Approche non directive créatrice) : 1998, Montréal, Canada.


Teacher (canon law, theology, latin) at the Dominican University College Ottawa, Canada.
Teacher (canon law, mariology) at the Formation Centre for the novices, Kigali, Rwanda.
Librarian : Institut des Études Médiévales, Montreal, Canada ; Library of the Dominican University College, Ottawa, Canada ; Centre de documentation et de pastorale (CEDOREP), Kigali, Rwanda.
Defender of the bond and Judge at the Ecclesiastical Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Ottawa, Canada.
Judge at the Appeal Ecclesiastical Tribunal of Canada, Ottawa, Canada.
Catechesis at the Lycée Claudel, Ottawa, Canada.
Pastor at the St John the Baptist Parish, Ottawa, Canada.
Therapist in vocational training.
Novice Master, Vicariat of Rwanda-Burundi, Kigali, Rwanda.
Student Master, Dominican Province of St Dominic, Ottawa, Canada.
Prior of the convent Saint-Albert-le-Grand (Montréal) and Saint-Jean-Baptiste (Ottawa).
Work with poor children and street children in Kigali, Rwanda.