The website of Domuni Press has been revamped !

The website of Domuni Press has been revamped !

15 february 2023


The website of Domuni Press has been revamped !

The Domuni Press website, the publishing house of Domuni Universitas has been given a new look.


It has been revised and redesigned for a simpler and more intuitive navigation. On the homepage, you will now find the most recent publications, the complete catalog, direct access to the two international journals of Domuni (Telos and JOCAP) as well as 5 sections for your navigation on the site.


As far as the publishing house itself - the objectives remain the same: spreading the richness of Christian thought through the distribution of quality works in the following fields: theology, philosophy, spirituality, history, law and social sciences.


Domuni Press is blessed with a research community spread across all continents. However, access to the works is no less easy. Every book is available in digital format (Amazon, in addition to being available for sale in more than 700 bookstores and retail outlets.


For each book on the site, you will find its synopsis and a few words about the author at the bottom of the pages created for this purpose. If you are looking for a book in particular, you can go through the catalog that lists all the publications of Domuni Press.


Feel free to give us your opinion on this new version of the Domuni Press website using the hashtag #DomuniPress and on all our social networks listed at the bottom of the page !

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