Academic year 2022/2023

Academic year 2022/2023

2 january 2023

Are you looking for a Bachelor, Master or Phd programme for this new academic year?

We offer courses in Theology, Philosophy, Social Sciences but also certificates and individual courses.

You can start your studies at any time: you can register for courses at any time of the year, regardless of the academic calendar.


Flexible and online

Domuni Universitas is an international institution, specialised in distance learning, multilingual, offering degree courses all over the world.  It is organised to make higher education accessible to all by offering 100% online programmes, supported by a strong teaching community, Domuni is a solution adapted to students who, for professional or family reasons, wish to benefit from flexibility in their training.


An international pedagogical team

The pedagogical team is made up of several teachers who are specialists in philosophy, social sciences and theology by virtue of their training (doctorate) and their research commitments. It is a large international teaching team, representing a diversity of languages (training in French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and English) but also of countries.

Students will be welcomed by our tutors and mentors when they register. Domuni organises meet and greet sessions for new students. These sessions are an opportunity to interact with tutors, mentors and other students (old and new).

Each student is assigned a "tutor" for the duration of their studies. The role of the tutor is to accompany the student, to stimulate him/her and to help him/her cope with any difficulties he/she may encounter.

For other questions, you can also contact the pedagogical assistance or the administration, by telephone and e-mail or by teleconference.


Study at your own pace

A course is about 30 hours of work, including writing the assignment. As there are about 15 courses per academic year, you need to devote at least one hour per day. Although Domuni universitas allows great flexibility in the pace of study, you must nevertheless complete the equivalent of an academic year within a maximum of two calendar years, i.e. hand in an assignment at least every two months. It is also possible to go faster, as Domuni is open 12 months a year and 24 hours a day.

Thanks to a network of training institutions and examination centers around the world, students can take their exams close to home or by videoconference to validate their courses.


Learning interactivity


Domuni universitas organises "E-seminars" on the Internet. These seminars are primarily open to master students.

The aim of our online seminars is to give students the opportunity to study a topic in greater depth, under the supervision of an expert teacher. The seminar allows students to exchange ideas and opinions with other students while being encouraged by a teacher to defend and develop these views.

The seminars are organised on the DoMoodle e-learning platform.

Discussions take place in forums. Students can log in to DoMoodle and contribute to discussions when they are available, allowing maximum flexibility within the 6-10 week seminar.


Face-to-face or virtual meetings

Domuni organises face-to-face meetings but they are optional: study days, summer university, colloquiums, etc. It also organises videoconference activities: debates, workshops, webinars, etc. throughout the year via Zoom. 

Students receive the "Domuni Times" newsletter with all the latest news and upcoming events so that they can participate according to their availability. The virtual sessions are then recorded and shared with the students.


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