Study at Domuni: distance learning, online and flexible!

Study at Domuni: distance learning, online and flexible!

20 september 2022

Domuni Universitas is a French private higher education institution that has almost 25 years of experience and is specialized in distance learning. It currently offers Bachelors, Masters, PhDs and Certificates of Advanced Studies to people all over the world.

As an institution, Domuni is organized to make higher education accessible to all: those who live far from a university, those who have little time because they have a job and a family, and the like... Domuni stands out for its flexibility and for how it adapts to your personal needs and commitments. 

Students can enroll, start their studies at any time and study at their own pace with complete flexibility. Domuni has three faculties - Philosophy, Theology, and Social Sciences - alongside several departments.

Courses can be found on the website and are available in different languages such as French, English, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. All users can register online!


Watch the video below from the Director of Pedagogy, Carly Wood, to find out more about Domuni Universitas and our programmes: