Proclaiming Holy Scriptures: A study of Place and Ritual

Proclaiming Holy Scriptures: A study of Place and Ritual

2 march 2021

Domuni professor David Pereyra has recently published his new book  Proclaiming Holy Scriptures: A Study of Place and Ritual.

David Pereyra holds degrees  in Architecture and in Theology, as well as a post-doctoral fellowship in community engagement studies at the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University in Toronto. 

For several years now, he has been a professor at the Faculty of Theology at Domuni where he teaches courses in Theology.

His new book provides a comprehensive study on the proclamation of Holy Scriptures in the Abrahamic religions as an enacted celebration and its function as a performance within sacralized theatrical spaces. Contributing to an underexplored scholarship area, Proclaiming Holy Scriptures shows how scripture is integral to religious life within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, how these traditions have venerated the reading of texts from an appointed place as a sacred act, and how reading in front of the assembly illuminates essential aspects of this worship act.

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