9 march 2021

We are very pleased to launch the first volume of 2021 of our academic journal on Contemporary African Philosophy (JOCAP). This academic journal, published in English, is owned by the Dominican Vice Province of Southern Africa in collaboration with the International Dominican University (DOMUNI) and Domuni Press.

This volume, entitled "Philosophy, Politics and Africanism", presents the following topics:

  • Resistance to an Unjust Government: A Case Study of Apartheid in South Africa
  • The Nature of Relations Between Religion and State- The Case of South Africa
  • From Pan-Africanism to Pro-Africanism- A Critical Review of the Ideology of Pan-Africanism with a Fresh Proposal
  • A Critical Reflection of African Philosophy and decolonization of the educational discourse in South Africa
  • Ruminations on the Debilitating Triad: Neo-Colonialism, Predatory Capitalism and Militarism

JOCAP - Journal of Contemporary African Philosophy 

Discover the articles of the academic journal online here .


Download the journal in PDF for free here.