Interreligious colloquium

Interreligious colloquium

3 june 2024

Colloque interreligieux

3 JUNE 2024

Paris, 3 June 2024 - The interreligious colloquium recently organised by Domuni-Universitas and Kufa University marked a significant moment in the dialogue between academics from Europe and the Arab world, focusing on the place of women in the religious world.

The colloquium provided an opportunity to explore the different representations, roles and experiences of women through a cross-section of Muslim and Christian traditions. Discussions covered a wide range of topics, including the analysis of sacred texts, their interpretations throughout history, and their contemporary implications, not forgetting the socio-cultural and political aspects of the status of women.



The presentations covered a wide range of topics, including the position of the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt on reducing domestic violence in Islamic society, the development of Muslim women, the challenges facing feminist movements in the face of Islamic precepts, and the miraculous dimension of the story of Mary in the Koran. On the Christian side, the political and theological contributions of Catherine of Siena and the innovative approach of Marie Balmary were particularly highlighted.

These papers established a dialogue between the different eras, highlighting figures and issues from the biblical period to the present day. The debates that followed each presentation enabled participants to engage actively in fruitful and constructive exchanges.

The conference was open to all. A buffet lunch was served on the evening of Monday 13 May, creating a convivial atmosphere for informal exchanges between participants.



Domuni-Universitas, the Dominicans' online university, was founded in Toulouse in 1998. It has around 3,500 students and 480 teachers, offering courses in philosophy, theology, history, human rights, religion, economics and development. This conference is the result of close scientific collaboration between Domuni-Arab and the University of Kufa.

Kufa University, located 170 km south of Baghdad, is renowned for its cultural and religious importance. The UNESCO Chair at this university produces multidisciplinary research on Sunni-Shiite relations and the status of non-Muslims in Muslim-majority societies, with a particular commitment to reconciliation and social cohesion in Iraq, where women play a central role.



The success of this symposium paves the way for a second edition, scheduled for 7 and 8 October 2024 in Kufa, Iraq, which promises to continue and enrich this crucial interfaith dialogue on the place of women in the religious world.

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