Call for Papers - African Philosophy

Call for Papers - African Philosophy

29 march 2019


The journal Telos is launching a Call for Papers as part of its "African Philosophy"  project. This digital journal aims to be transdiciplinary, transcultural and share participants’ written works.

By editing "African Philosophy", we aim to bring together several points of view and think about the origin of African Philosophy in its contemporary definition. African scholars  offer the possibility to enrich the entire culture with new forms of thought and update its principles beyond its Indo-European heritage.

But the development of Philosophy is never totally independent and always fits into a socio-cultural context. So, in order to develop this introduction to African Philosophy, we need your support and participation by gathering your articles. Some of your papers will also be published on our website

Important date:

Deadline for sending articles: April 30, 2019.

Format of manuscripts:

Manuscripts may be submitted in a limited range of standard formats : doc. and docx.

The text file should be presented in the following order:

  • A short informative title that contains the major key words. The title should not contain abbreviations ;
  • A short running title of less than 40 characters;
  • Abstract and keywords;
  • Main text;
  • Acknowledgements;
  • Literature Cited;

Please provide an abstract of 200 words or fewer containing the major keywords summarizing the article.

Quality of manuscripts:

Typescripts must be carefully proof-read prior to submission so that referees do not have their time wasted in identifying and listing errors. The most common authorial error consists in failing to reconcile in-text citations with the final bibliography.

Lenght of the texts:

Articles are at least 4500 words long. They are also normally no longer than 10 000 words (in each case, including notes, abstract, acknowledgements, and references). Longer pieces of exceptional significance will be considered, up to a maximum length of 15,000 words (including notes, abstract, acknowledgements, and references).

Where to send manuscripts:

We require that all submissions be made by sending an email to, and, with the manuscript file attached in Word format. Please include your name, contact information, and the title of your paper in your message. All submissions will be acknowledged by email, and all subsequent correspondence regarding the manuscript will be sent via email.


Please dowload the pdf file "instructions for authors", for more detailed information.


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