« Do religions have a significance for Europe? »

14 january 2016

This January 8, 2016, opens in Zagreb, an international congress. Before a distinguished panel of academics, from all over Europe and further, from countries like India, in front of Muslims, Jews and Christian religious leaders and of representatives of Member States, hundreds of participants will reflect together during three days on the significance of religion in Europe. "Giving a soul to Europe", "Promoting reason", "Knowing each other": the stakes are responding to events. How to build a lasting peace culture? How religions can contribute?

The university Domuni, co-organizer of the event, is represented by F. Michel Van Aerde, managing director, with a presentation entitled: "Priests, prophets, kings: faith, culture, religion" and by Sr . Marie Monnet, Director of Studies and Research, speaking on "Implicit theology of European integration". Both papers will be available in video very soon.

Follow the conference on the website of the Order of Preachers

Read the communication of Marie Monnet (in French).


Some videos of the conference :


The presentation of Fr Martin Ganieri, op :


The presentation of Fr James Channan, op :