The Origins of the Quran II

The Origins of the Quran II

This course introduces to the history of the text of the Quran, to its language and style, and to the traditional "Qur'anic sciences".

ECTS Credits: 3

Professor: Claude Gilliot

This is the second part of a two-part introduction to the history of the textual constitution of the Quran, to its language and style, and to the traditional "Qur'anic sciences.

Plan of Second Part:

4 – The Collections of The Meccan Arabic Lectionary

- Introduction
- The Qur’an about its “Prehistory”
- This “Lectionary” is in Arabic, Commenting a non-Arabic “Lectionary”?
- What do fusṣịlat and mufasṣạl “really” mean?
- Al-mufaṣṣal called “the Arabic”
- Collections and Interpretation in Arabic
- Reading of Scriptures in the Christian Churches and their Lectionaries
- Conclusion


5 - Traditional Disciplines of Qur’ānic Studies

- The Qur’an, the noblest of the sciences?
- The origins and development of the sciences of the Qur’an
- Books on the topic or with the term “sciences of the Qur’an” in their title
- A survey of Qur’anic sciences based on the Itqān of al-Suyū_ī
- Where and how the Qur’an was sent down
a. Its edition
b. Its transmission
c. Its recitation
d. Its linguistic aspects
e. Its normative (legal) aspect
f. Its rhetorical and stylistic aspects and its inimitability
g. Various aspects
h. Exegesis and exegetes
- Final remarks

6 – Reconsidering the Autorship of the Qur’an. Is the Qur’an partly the fruit of a progressive and collective work?

The Islamic tradition and another history of the Qur’an uphill, or “the obscure beginnings”
The problem of language of the Qur’an
The ancient Christian or Syriac connection
Conclusion: toward a critical restruction of the Qur’an