Mariology 1

Mariology 1


To examine more profoundly questions regarding Mary’s role by examining her presence in the Gospels, her place in the Christian Tradition, the history of her four dogmas, and of liturgy and devotions, the apparitions, the rosary and her place in contemporary theology.

Course code: THE155

ECTS Credits:

Professor: Martin Lavoie

A. Course Mariology 1

Chapter I : Why do we study Mariology today ?

• Reading : William Baum, ‘’The Virgin Mary in Intellectual and Spiritual Formation’’, Letter from the Congregation for Catholic Education, Rome, March 25, 1988.

Chapter II : Mary in the Gospels

• Reading : Anglican - Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC), ‘’Mary according to the Scriptures’’, Marian Issues and Final Document. Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ, July 4th 2005.

Chapter III : Mary in the Christian Tradition

• Reading : Anglican - Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC), ‘’Mary in the Christian Tradition’’, Marian Issues and Final Document. Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ, July 4th 2005.

Chapter IV : Mary in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church

• Reading : LG, VIII, ‘’The Blessed Virgin Mry, Mother of God, in the Mystery of Christ and the Church.

Chapter V : The four dogmas

• Divine Motherhood.
• Perpetual Virginity.
• Immaculate Conception.
• The Assumption.

B. Course Mariology 2

Chapter VI : The Devotion to Mary

• Guidelines for a true devotion to Mary.
• Paul VI, ‘’Marialis Cultus’’ ## 24-39, February 2, 1974.
• Ratzinger, ‘’Marian Piety’’, in Communio, 30, 2003.
• Louis de Montfort : True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin.
• The True Devotion to Mary according to St. Louis de Montfort.

Chapter VII : The marian apparitions

• Criteria for evaluating apparitions
• Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary :
o Our Lady of Guadalupe
o Our Lady of La Salette
o Our Lady of Lourdes
o Our Lady of Fatima
• The approved apparitions of Mary in the Roman Catholic Church
• CDF, Norms regarding the manner of proceeding in the discernment of presumed apparitions or revelations, February 25, 1978

Chapter VIII : The Rosary

• The Rosary – History
• Mysteries of the Holy Rosary
• How to pray the Rosary
• Vincent de Couesnongle, o.p., ‘’The Rosary Apostolate, 1976
• Damian Byrne, o.p., ‘’The Rosary’’, 1985
• Timothy Radcliffe, o.p., ‘’The Rosary’’, 1998
• John-Paul II, ‘’Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae on the most Holy Rosary’’, 2002