The Epistles of John

The Epistles of John

This course places the Epistles of John within their context in the New Testament with the Gospel of John. It invites you to think for yourself about the meaning of the texts, and the relationship between the Epistles and the Gospel.

ECTS Credits: 3

Professor: Adrian Judd


Reading John's Gospel in the light of the Epistles will help unlock its meaning and deepen your appreciation and understanding of the texts and their value to the Church today. The pedagogy or teaching method of this course is based on a social constructivist epistemology; You will focus on the texts of the Epistles of John and build up your own understanding of what they mean, based on a toolkit of tools with which you can study any Biblical text.

Course structure

Chapter 1 :

Introduction to Johannine literature

Chapter 2 : 

The school of John

Chapter 3 : 

Introduction to 1 John

Chapter 4 : 

Theological themes 1 John

Chapter 5 : 

The theology of John and historic developments