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Are you thinking about completing a BA theology online? Thanks to our online courses, it’s easier than you might think. From learning at your own pace to joining our community of like-minded students, there are so many benefits to distance learning. That’s not to mention you’ll come away with an internationally recognised qualification that can really take you places. Whether you are looking to gain a qualification to further your career, or you’re just looking to attain more knowledge on the subject of theology, we’ll help you to achieve your dreams. 

A BA theology online degree can be completed in as little as three years. However, each study year can be spread over 24 months if you prefer. We give you the freedom and flexibility to study your way and in your own time. Whether you are juggling studying with a full or part-time job, or you’re looking to complete your degree in the quickest time possible, we bring you that freedom.

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Why Choose Domuni For Distance Learning Study?

When choosing a BA theology online distance learning course, you need to be sure that you’re choosing a study company that you can trust. We have years of experience in helping students to acquire the qualifications, skills, and knowledge needed to succeed. From the introduction of the Bible to helping students to understand how faith has developed over the years, we cover many discussions and topics. Distance learning is a great choice for those already in employment but who want to spend their free time learning and gaining a qualification. 

BA Theology Online Learning - What You Need to Know

It’s always good to know the facts before you invest in a BA theology online learning course. At Domuni, we give you all the information you need to know before you start so that you can begin your studies with confidence. During the first year of your theological studies, you’ll be exploring philosophical topics, the Bible, and the history of early Christianity. During your second year, your studies will be focused on the development of intelligence of faith over the years. And in your third and final year (if you choose not to spend long studying), you will be learning about the mystery of the Church and its fundamental unity. Remember, you can choose to spread each year of study over 24 months if it suits your schedule and lifestyle better.

How Do I Access BA Theology Online Course Material?

As Domuni University offers distance learning courses, you’ll have all of the materials and resources that you would have if you were to attend a normal course. All course material is accessed via our Do-Moodle learning platform. This central portal provides all of your study material in one place and all at once. From forums and study materials to quizzes and a portal to submit your assignments, you can do everything through Do-Moodle wherever you are.

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Our Faculty of Theology is waiting to welcome you as a new student. Discover the freedom that studying for a BA theology online offers and get started on your path to success today.