Telos issue No. 7

Telos issue No. 7

22 february 2022

Distance at the centre of the relationship

The following statement may seem paradoxical. Distance - physical, intellectual, moral – allows for the creation of links. In fact, it is often absence that invites human beings to invent solutions for bringing people together and thus to demonstrate innovation. Generally, innovation is often analyzed in the stiff terms of technology. In the field of education, for example, we speak of “new information and communication technologies” (NICT). These are all the technologies that make it possible to process digital information and transmit it. By combining computing and telecommunications, these new technologies were much further developed with the generalization of broadband internet at the end of the 1990s. It was precisely at this time that Domuni Universitas was created, with the aim of responding to the intellectual training needs of the most isolated communities and of making available to a wide public the Dominican traditions of thought to which it would otherwise have difficulty in gaining access.


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