Communiqué - A new bachelor's degree with UCLouvain

10 july 2023

Press release - An online Bachelor of Theology, a partnership between UCLouvain and DOMUNI Universitas


Introduced in 2017, the collaboration between the Catholic University of Louvain and DOMUNI Universitas, the Dominicans' online university, is growing stronger. As of September, a new common program, Bachelor’s degree in Theology, will be available to students who will receive a double diploma.

Rector Vincent Blondel and Rector Michel Van Aerde have just signed two new agreements: the first is to organize the common Bachelor's degree in Theology and the second is to renew the partnership for the common Master's degree in biblical studies.

These courses of academic excellence are offered 100% remotely, while students who wish, have the option of hybrid learning (in-class courses available). Students will then attend on-site classes at the Faculty of Theology in Louvain-la-Neuve.

The courses and seminars are 50% co-taught by both professorial teams, allowing students to benefit from the professors' complementary academic and teaching skills.

This highly flexible distance learning program is particularly compatible with both professional and family life. The two methodologies aim at combining the strength of tradition with the drive of innovation.

Courses start in September 2023.